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About Us


Need a quote or have surplus equipment to sell?


MicroMark Computers has a solid 10-year history providing IT Equipment and is committed to providing our customers with superior service and equipment quality.  We support all products with a standard 30 day advance replacement warranty and we will provide longer warranties if requested.  MicroMark is a respected participant in the Global IT broker/dealer community and a long term member of the Association of Service and Computer Dealers (ASCDi). 


30 Day Guarantee on all of our products.


We have been supplying our clients IBM, Cisco, NetApp and EMC for the past 10 years. Although we specialize in the above, we can supply almost any brand you may need.  This includes end of life, discontinued and obsolete parts.

Equipment that holds no resale value is broken down and processed in house. We disassemble and sort to the most basic commodity for responsible recycling.

Have a migration or a small project that you don't want to eat up your budget? We offer a variety of rental options.

MicroMark Computers offers a variety of standard warranties, extended warranties and on-site services. We can also provide disk erasure services when required.